Security Cameras on Android Phones – Alnet PC Based DVRs

PC Based Alnet DVR Systems with Android Security Camera Viewing

Alnet PC Based DVR and NVR Systems with Android Viewing

Alnet® PC-Based DVR and NVR systems are a popular choice for home and business security camera installations.  These PC-Based security camera solutions come in several varieties to suit installations of all different types.  Traditional CCTV security cameras require a DVR Card, which installs into a PC to provide inputs for the cameras.  Once the cameras are plugged into the computer, the video streams are then recorded onto the PC’s hard drive.  The other variety of PC-Based security camera system with Alnet® software is the Netstation NVR systems.  These systems use the Alnet® Netstation™ NVR software, which is the same software used by the traditional CCTV systems, but it does not require a DVR Card to be installed.  This software is used with High Definition MegaPixel IP Cameras, allowing you to record in High Def onto the PC Hard Drive.

Both systems use the same software, so they include the same list of features, ranging from great motion detection recording capabilities and email/text alerts, home automation system integration, multi-monitor support, fast-access preview mode playback, Mac and PC support, iPhone/Android/BlackBerry support and more.

As shown in the video above, our Alnet PC-Based DVR and NVR systems deliver the best features for remote viewing on Android Phones and Tablets.  With the Alnet CMS Mobile software on an Android Device, you can view live security cameras, watch multiple cameras at once, view cameras from multiple servers, control home automation devices, view alarm inputs and even playback video right on your PDA phone.  This type of system delivers better access than traditional Standalone DVRs.  Find out more about Android Security Camera Systems and find a system for your home or business


Restaurant Security Cameras Made Easy

Security Cameras are a great addition to any restaurant.  These cameras can help you watch what happens at your home or business, so that you can view your cameras from anywhere.

Restaurant Security Cameras help your business succeed

Restaurant owners can benefit from security cameras like many other businesses. When it comes to restaurants there are many things that can take up your time attention and money. But few are as detrimental to your business as employee theft, loss of product, and reduced productivity of employees. All of these problems are prevalent in restaurants no matter if the restaurant is fast food or fine dining. The truth is that business owners can’t be there 100% of the time, so when you’re not there who is watching your employees and money? Often it is a manager, and often in restaurant environments the managers are not as well-trained as they could be, leaving them often to try to be “chummy” with the employees, so they would be considered a good boss. In other instances managers may actually be the one stealing from the restaurant.

With so many things detracting from your profitable restaurant, as an owner you need to watch out for your bottom line yourself. One way that many restaurant owners will use to try to keep an eye on their restaurant and employees and keep the honest employees honest, is the installation of remote monitored security cameras. These security camera systems not only will record what happens in your restaurant when you’re away, but will also allow you to stay in touch with your restaurant even while you’re on the go. This means when you get a call at midnight from your manager, you can look in on the restaurant yourself to try to further assess exactly what is happening, allowing you to make the best call by having more information. Security camera systems like our Standalone DVR systems will plug into the Internet connection at the restaurant and allow you to watch the cameras live in real time from your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

Connect into your restaurant security cameras to see what is happening in your kitchen at anytime.

Now checking in on your staff and kitchen couldn’t be easier

While many restaurant owners may be hesitant to install security cameras wondering what their employees may think, the truth exists that the security cameras are just a tool. the way you use the security cameras will determine how they are perceived by your employees. if you are the type of owner was hovering over the backs of your employees micromanaging , than the security cameras will probably be used to micromanage as well. However if you are not a manager that micromanagers, than the security cameras will be used like any other tool for collecting information.

Our Standalone DVR security camera systems, are very easy to install in your restaurant. each system comes with a Standalone DVR, indoor and/or outdoor cameras, power adapters and plug and play power/video cables to connect your cameras to the DVR.  Our systems also include professional remote setup of your internet connection to get the cameras set up for you so that you can view your security cameras over the internet without having to be an internet or network professional.  Our technicians will help you with all of the difficult network setup, so that all you have to do is plug in the cameras.  We will even connect into your home computer to setup software to connect into your restaurant.

The advantages of Platinum CCTV™ security camera systems are clear.  We deliver high quality security camera systems, with real-time video recording in full resolution, coupled with technical support that can setup the software for you free of charge, which will allow you to make the most out of your security camera system.

View Multiple Cameras at once on Android and iPhone

View more security cameras at once in real time than ever before with our new multi-camera viewing apps for iPhone and Android.  These applications work with our new DVR-8804RT, DVR-8808RT and DVR-8816RT H.264 Standalone DVRs

View more cameras at once from Android and iPhone

Our new DVR-8804RT, DVR-8808RT and DVR-8816RT h.264 Standalone DVRs have a host of new features that provide remote surveillance capabilities over the internet from anywhere in the world.  These new DVRs provide access to your home or business security cameras from anywhere, with NO MONTHLY FEEs.  Each of our systems provide access by using your own high-speed internet connection for access to your cameras while on the go.

One of our most popular features of the new 88xxRT Standalone DVRs, are the new multi-camera remote access capabilities, which allows you to view up to 4 cameras at a time (iPhone) or up to 16 Cameras at a time (Android).  With these new apps, you can have improved real-time live viewing of cameras remotely over the internet, control of PTZ cameras and more.  With this new remote access capabilities, you can have more access to your cameras with any of our Standalone DVRs and systems.

Mac Users Have Been Left out with Security Cameras, Until Now

View your security cameras from your Mac with our New H.264 Real Time DVR-88xxRT Series Standalone DVRs

Our new Platinum CCTV™ Standalone DVRs have Mac Support

For the past several years, we commonly received questions about if Macs were supported for remotely viewing security cameras.  Because of this frequent question, our latest DVRs (DVR-8804RT, DVR-8808RT and DVR-8816RT H.264 Real Time Standalone DVRs) all have built-in support for Macs.   With the included software, you can view your live cameras over the network and internet, as well as playback video remotely.  Rounding off the features of our new Mac application, is playback of video that was backed up on the Standalone DVR.

Check out the playlist below, walking you through the step by step setup and use of the DVR Player software that will allow you to connect to your new DVR.

As a bonus, our new DVR Player software is also backwards compatible to allow access to our previous model DVR-7004, DVR-7008 and DVR-7016 model H.264 Standalone DVRs.

Alnet Remote CMS Client for Windows Phone 8 Released

View your security cameras live on your Windows 8 Phone

View home and business security cameras on Windows 8 Phones

Our popular Alnet Systems DVR Cards and NVR (Network Video Recorder) IP Software manufacturer has today released their Windows Phone 8 compatible security camera viewing CMS software.  This new software expands the compatibility of our clients’ existing Alnet PC-Based DVR Security Camera systems and NVR IP Camera systems to now allow access from Windows Phone 8 devices while on the go as well.

The continued addition of client software for new devices is just one of the many reasons that we continue to offer the Alnet Systems PC Based Home and Business Security camera software for our customers.  These systems are now compatible with iPhones, Android Phones, BlackBerry Phones, Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 PDA phones, Symbian OS phones and now also Windows Phone 8 PDA phones.  No matter what type of smart phone or PDA phone you have, you can stay connected with your security cameras to view LIVE cameras, AND Playback Video right from the palm of your hand.  The Alnet software is unparalleled in capabilities for remotely viewing your cameras over the internet from PDA phones, with great features that extend past the usual live viewing only.

Get the new Windows Phone 8 Alnet CMS Client today