Home and Business Security Cameras in Aurora, IL

Security cameras can help provide evidence for crimes that occur in Aurora and Naperville, IL as well as other areas.

Security cameras have become a necessary tool for homes and businesses.

Watching the news for just a few minutes on any given day makes it glaringly obvious that security cameras are a very useful tool in determining what has happened at a home or business.  We often post links to articles showing how security cameras caught a burglar, vandal, thief or worse: a child abuser.  In each of these situations, surveillance can be the determining factor between capturing the thief and allowing them to get away.  Look at the Boston Marathon bombing for instance, where security cameras from a business on the street were used to identify the perpetrators in a matter of just a few days with the public help.  Those shots were even from a lower resolution CCTV camera, not even one of the newer high-definition cameras.  So for businesses and homeowners in the Aurora, IL area, it has become an easy decision that security cameras can be a very valuable tool for finding out exactly what has occurred.

Aurora Security Camera Showroom

Homeowners in Aurora often come to us because they are having problems with neighbors, kids in the neighborhood, gangs, or suspect problems with one of those.  By installing even a basic security camera system in their home, it is very easy for them to either confirm their suspicion and get the police involved effectively, or show them that their suspicions were wrong.  Either way though, with the cameras in place, their home will be protected in the future, so that they will always be able to know what is happening.  Unlike many systems on the market, our home camera systems deliver not only the ability to record and playback from the cameras, but also to view the cameras remotely over the internet from PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android phones, BlackBerry Phones, Windows Phones and much, much more.  With these advanced features built-in to both our standalone DVRs and PC Based DVR cards, backed by the support to help get the cameras online, you can watch children at home while you are away, monitor the babysitter or home healthcare workers or more.

Business owners have many things tearing at them daily, from increasing costs of well…everything, to decreased margins and shrink it can be nearly impossible to stay in business.  Let’s back up for a second though and look at one thing, Shrink.  What is shrink?  It is a line item on most businesses budgets, both large and small that basically tells you how much product or cash walked out of your business and is now unaccounted.  Crazy that the problem is so big, that we have to give it a nicer name than what it really is – THEFT.  Instead, we call it shrinkage, because if we honestly look at the numbers and say “well I had $100,000 in THEFT this year” there is no way that any sane business person would let that sit, they would drive themselves crazy realizing the impact that has.  Security cameras that are functional, easy to use and backed by a company like Platinum CCTV™, can help reduce or hopefully eliminate your shrink problem.  Theft usually starts out really small at a business, as thieves (internal or external) test the waters.  They want to find out if they will get caught first.  So a Pepsi or Coke goes missing from the fridge.  After a week, nothing happens.  Next a $5 or $10 item walks away off the shelf.  When nothing happens again, that is when owners usually start seeing the theft balloon when they are counting product at the end of the month.  By that point in time, if no security cameras are in place, then good luck trying to find out exactly what happened.  Catching the thief and being able to prosecute requires evidence…and what will the Police Departments ask for…you guessed it, security camera footage.  This is why we are seeing an increasing number of businesses in the Aurora area installing security camera systems.

Many of our customers come to our showroom from Aurora, IL to look at the available cameras and systems.  Their proximity to our Showroom in Naperville makes it easy to pick out the security cameras that will provide the video coverage that is desired with the features that are needed.  Our systems range in price from budget systems even as low as $30 per camera up to High Definition MegaPixel IP Cameras around $395 per camera.  This makes it easy to find a system that will suit your needs and budget for both home and business security.  We know that even big box stores these days are starting to carry ‘security cameras’.  Heck, Sam’s Club has been doing this for 10 years.  But what are you really getting?  Well usually our customers who have purchased these systems find out when they get the system home, that they have a very unreliable, difficult to set up system, with no one available or willing to help them with it.  We can be very competitive on pricing of discount systems, but the reality is, that when customers compare our budget cameras that match the quality of big box stores (often at a lower price still) to our other security cameras, they realize that quality DOES matter when it comes to video.  If you want to be able to prosecute, you must have video that can really identify a person properly.

Check out Security Cameras near Aurora, IL

Come see how security cameras compare in our Naperville Showroom

Whether your home or business needs protection, next time you are in the Aurora or Naperville, IL area, stop in to our showroom and have a look at the different cameras and accessories that are available, as well as meet the staff who will be helping you get your system running (and KEEPING IT RUNNING) for years.  We have been around for over 10 years, and plan to be here for a very long time!

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Restaurant Security Cameras Made Easy

Security Cameras are a great addition to any restaurant.  These cameras can help you watch what happens at your home or business, so that you can view your cameras from anywhere.

Restaurant Security Cameras help your business succeed

Restaurant owners can benefit from security cameras like many other businesses. When it comes to restaurants there are many things that can take up your time attention and money. But few are as detrimental to your business as employee theft, loss of product, and reduced productivity of employees. All of these problems are prevalent in restaurants no matter if the restaurant is fast food or fine dining. The truth is that business owners can’t be there 100% of the time, so when you’re not there who is watching your employees and money? Often it is a manager, and often in restaurant environments the managers are not as well-trained as they could be, leaving them often to try to be “chummy” with the employees, so they would be considered a good boss. In other instances managers may actually be the one stealing from the restaurant.

With so many things detracting from your profitable restaurant, as an owner you need to watch out for your bottom line yourself. One way that many restaurant owners will use to try to keep an eye on their restaurant and employees and keep the honest employees honest, is the installation of remote monitored security cameras. These security camera systems not only will record what happens in your restaurant when you’re away, but will also allow you to stay in touch with your restaurant even while you’re on the go. This means when you get a call at midnight from your manager, you can look in on the restaurant yourself to try to further assess exactly what is happening, allowing you to make the best call by having more information. Security camera systems like our Standalone DVR systems will plug into the Internet connection at the restaurant and allow you to watch the cameras live in real time from your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

Connect into your restaurant security cameras to see what is happening in your kitchen at anytime.

Now checking in on your staff and kitchen couldn’t be easier

While many restaurant owners may be hesitant to install security cameras wondering what their employees may think, the truth exists that the security cameras are just a tool. the way you use the security cameras will determine how they are perceived by your employees. if you are the type of owner was hovering over the backs of your employees micromanaging , than the security cameras will probably be used to micromanage as well. However if you are not a manager that micromanagers, than the security cameras will be used like any other tool for collecting information.

Our Standalone DVR security camera systems, are very easy to install in your restaurant. each system comes with a Standalone DVR, indoor and/or outdoor cameras, power adapters and plug and play power/video cables to connect your cameras to the DVR.  Our systems also include professional remote setup of your internet connection to get the cameras set up for you so that you can view your security cameras over the internet without having to be an internet or network professional.  Our technicians will help you with all of the difficult network setup, so that all you have to do is plug in the cameras.  We will even connect into your home computer to setup software to connect into your restaurant.

The advantages of Platinum CCTV™ security camera systems are clear.  We deliver high quality security camera systems, with real-time video recording in full resolution, coupled with technical support that can setup the software for you free of charge, which will allow you to make the most out of your security camera system.

View Multiple Cameras at once on Android and iPhone

View more security cameras at once in real time than ever before with our new multi-camera viewing apps for iPhone and Android.  These applications work with our new DVR-8804RT, DVR-8808RT and DVR-8816RT H.264 Standalone DVRs

View more cameras at once from Android and iPhone

Our new DVR-8804RT, DVR-8808RT and DVR-8816RT h.264 Standalone DVRs have a host of new features that provide remote surveillance capabilities over the internet from anywhere in the world.  These new DVRs provide access to your home or business security cameras from anywhere, with NO MONTHLY FEEs.  Each of our systems provide access by using your own high-speed internet connection for access to your cameras while on the go.

One of our most popular features of the new 88xxRT Standalone DVRs, are the new multi-camera remote access capabilities, which allows you to view up to 4 cameras at a time (iPhone) or up to 16 Cameras at a time (Android).  With these new apps, you can have improved real-time live viewing of cameras remotely over the internet, control of PTZ cameras and more.  With this new remote access capabilities, you can have more access to your cameras with any of our Standalone DVRs and systems.