Home Security Cameras are Here to Stay

Home Security Camera Systems have become popular, but watch out...all systems are not created equal!

Home Security Cameras Systems have become popular

Home security cameras have been growing in the market over the last 10 years.  Trust us, we have been around to see it.  Now it seems like everyone is trying to get into the home security game, and offering cameras and camera systems for homeowners.  Even Wal-Mart and Home Depot have started selling some very rudimentary models.  It is really great to see our industry exploding because of the need for these valuable devices and systems, but at the same time it can be more than a little confusing for customers who are looking for protection at their home.  Where do they turn? What equipment is right?

When it comes down to selecting a home security camera system for your home, there is never a one-size-fits-all approach.  Every home is different and every situation is different.  That is why selection is key.  A professional in the home security market will have options for every budget range, providing various features and functions from which to choose.  Next is education.  Your Home Security camera provider must be able to provide you with an education on what features you really will need, want and use.  Every system is not created equal, which is why not only having a wide selection, but also having a knowledgable professional is important.  Your home security cameras need to work for YOU and YOUR HOME.  Otherwise there is no point to the system.

For years, we have had customers come in after purchasing an off-the shelf home security camera system, only to find out that no one will install the cameras, no one will support the cameras and the cameras don’t perform the function that was intended.  Now this is becoming even more commonplace, with more retail vendors pushing more off-the-shelf one-size-fits-all solutions.  Seek out a professional, and visit their showroom to see the selection of cameras before making a choice.  It isn’t that more expensive is better, it is that an educated decision is better!


Security Cameras on Android Phones – Alnet PC Based DVRs

PC Based Alnet DVR Systems with Android Security Camera Viewing

Alnet PC Based DVR and NVR Systems with Android Viewing

Alnet® PC-Based DVR and NVR systems are a popular choice for home and business security camera installations.  These PC-Based security camera solutions come in several varieties to suit installations of all different types.  Traditional CCTV security cameras require a DVR Card, which installs into a PC to provide inputs for the cameras.  Once the cameras are plugged into the computer, the video streams are then recorded onto the PC’s hard drive.  The other variety of PC-Based security camera system with Alnet® software is the Netstation NVR systems.  These systems use the Alnet® Netstation™ NVR software, which is the same software used by the traditional CCTV systems, but it does not require a DVR Card to be installed.  This software is used with High Definition MegaPixel IP Cameras, allowing you to record in High Def onto the PC Hard Drive.

Both systems use the same software, so they include the same list of features, ranging from great motion detection recording capabilities and email/text alerts, home automation system integration, multi-monitor support, fast-access preview mode playback, Mac and PC support, iPhone/Android/BlackBerry support and more.

As shown in the video above, our Alnet PC-Based DVR and NVR systems deliver the best features for remote viewing on Android Phones and Tablets.  With the Alnet CMS Mobile software on an Android Device, you can view live security cameras, watch multiple cameras at once, view cameras from multiple servers, control home automation devices, view alarm inputs and even playback video right on your PDA phone.  This type of system delivers better access than traditional Standalone DVRs.  Find out more about Android Security Camera Systems and find a system for your home or business

Android Security Camera Features – Standalone DVR

Our H264 Standalone DVRs have great multi-camera remote viewing capabilities for home and business security cameras

Our new Real Time Standalone DVRs favorite features: Android Remote Access

Our new Real Time H.264 Standalone DVRs are a very popular way to increase the security of your home or business.  These DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) record from traditional CCTV cameras onto an internal hard drive digitally with motion detection.  With advanced motion detection capabilities, built in DDNS support (doesn’t require a static IP address like most DVRs), Real Time 30fps per camera recording at full D1 resolution, alarm sensor integration (water sensors, fire sensors, freeze sensors, etc), included Free remote internet setup and much more, it is almost surprising that the most popular feature hasn’t even been listed yet.  Our DVR-88xxRT series Standalone DVRs’ most popular feature is actually the Android remote security camera viewing and iPhone viewing.

These feature-rich H.264 Standalone DVRs deliver great quality remote viewing from Android PDA phones and Tablets as shown in the video below.

You Never Know What You Will Catch on Home Security Cameras

Home Security Camera Systems can provide you with great video coverage of what happens outside your home.  These cameras can even provide high def security footage with MegaPixel IP cameras

Home Security Camera Systems Protect More than Just Your Family

No matter where you live, unfortunately bad things can happen right near where you live or where your kids play in the streets.  From cars barreling down the road, to shoot-outs to terrorist activities.  The worth of security cameras has been proven to provide evidence that can help to clean up the streets where you live and where your children play.  The installation of a home security camera system is a great step to help ensure the safety of your family, friends and property.  These cameras can provide a silent witness of exactly what happens around your home.

Most homeowners, when they install home cameras intend to watch their children playing in the yard, or perhaps have recently had a neighbor kid vandalizing their property and just want it to stop, but not many expect their cameras to be used to provide evidence of a rolling shootout down the streets of their residential neighborhood.  However, once the cameras are in place, it is amazing what they actually capture that you never expected to see in your own yard.  A man in Topeka, Kansas caught one such crime, and his surveillance footage is now prominently displayed on the local news because his outside home camera caught 2 SUVs chasing each other down the street shooting at one another while children were playing on his block.  With a little luck and some good police work, these perpetrators will hopefully be removed from the streets.

View your home in High Definition with Platinum CCTV new High Definition MegaPixel IP Cameras.  These cameras provide 1600x1200 resolution video with Infrared night Vision

High Definition HDTV Resolution IP Camera for Home Security

Home Security Cameras come in many sizes, shapes and varieties.  Outdoor home surveillance cameras can be used to see who is coming to the front door of your home, stealing packages from your stoop, taking mail from your box or messing with your cars parked in your driveway.  These cameras are an extremely important part of a good home security plan, because they provide you with an instantaneous view of what is happening outside your home, so that you can know before you open the door who is knocking.  Outdoor cameras are also likely to capture video evidence if crimes are happening in your neighborhood, a view of the street might deliver the make and model of a perpetrator’s vehicle, or perhaps a view of who was walking up and down the streets casing out for a burglary.  Indoor security cameras for the home can also be integrated into a home security camera system, providing you with a clear view of what happens inside you home, and are very popular for monitoring children playing, babysitters while you are out to dinner, nannies who are in your home during the daytime, maids as they clean up (or out) your home and much more.  These cameras can record side by side with outdoor security cameras for a complete home security system.

The newest technology security cameras for home are high-definition megapixel IP cameras.  These cameras deliver High Definition Video quality, which means that you can zoom in on the live and pre-recorded footage to get a clearer image of what is happening around your home.  These cameras connect to your home network with a CAT-5 network cable, streaming the HD video over the network to a computer running an NVR software, which records from the cameras and provides remote access to user’s laptop, tablet, iPhone, iPad or Android devices.  These high-definition cameras should definitely be a consideration for new home security camera installations, dependent on budget.

Think You Don’t Need Home Security Cameras?

Security cameras have many uses, but some you may never have dreamed of.

Think you don’t need security cameras? Think again.

Many people might think that they do not need security cameras, because “nothing happens in my neighborhood” or “I have a dog” or one of a hundred other things to justify to themselves that security cameras aren’t needed.  We really wish this was true, but unfortunately in our world today it is not.  Security cameras can provide us not only with deterrent and coverage of what happens when we aren’t at home, but sometimes help explain even more sinister events like the tale that follows.

In Las Cruces, NM, a man is now in custody because a family discovered that their German shepherd had what appeared to be ‘shrapnel’ lodged in the dog’s chest.  Review of their security cameras showed them the unthinkable.  Their home cameras showed their 50-year-old neighbor shooting their dog at close range.  The cameras were installed, because they suspected that their other German shepherd was poisoned.  Their neighbor, of course claimed that he had no knowledge of what happened to their other dog.

Install home security cameras, and you never know what mysteries you might solve, or unthinkable evil that you might prove.


Family Burglarized for 5th Time Catches Criminals on Camera

Wide video home security cameras are a great choice to show you What happens on your property, but are not always the best at delivering distinguishing characteristics to show the WHO.

Wide View Cameras show “What” happens

A family just outside Dallas in Garland, Texas has been victimized 5 times by burglars and theives.  Two of these occurences have reportedly happened within a two week span.  Joe Thompson, the homeowner, states that “this is really an indication of the times (we live in)”.  Unfortunately, he is right.  many people are victimized by thieves and burglars every day.

After previous burglaries, Joe and his family installed security cameras to help provide evidence if it were to happen again.  Luckily, this time, they did catch video of the individuals on their home security cameras, and are asking everyone to take a close look at the video (full video and newscast found here), and please call authorities if you recognize the individuals.  This latest theft has robbed them of thousands of dollars in tools, at a time when families cannot afford that type of loss.

When planning your home security camera system, we recommend using wideangle cameras like the one shown in this video to provide an overview of what happens on your property.  This gives you the “What” happened.  Then we recommend 1 or 2 cameras in key areas that are zoomed in to provide a better facial recognition of persons, so that you can see the “Who” and provide optimum evidence to police to help facilitate identification and hopefully capture of perpetrators.

View what happens at your home with enough clarity to see WHO is doing it with our New High Definition IP cameras

High Definition MegaPixel IP Cameras show the “Who” and the “What” at once

Our newest option for home security, is our High Definition MegaPixel IP cameras, which provide higher quality video feeds than traditional security cameras (up to 25 times the resolution of Traditional CCTV cameras), allowing you to see the “Who” and “What” together with a single camera in many instances.  These new HD cameras allow homeowners to have greater coverage with even fewer cameras than traditional CCTV cameras.

Home Security Cameras Prove Useful Again

Home Security Cameras, like our CD-5261 Outdoor Infrared Bullet camera help protect your home and neighborhood by providing a silent witness to everything that happens around your home.

Home Security cameras help protect your neighborhood

A forward-thinking resident who installed home security cameras has shown how they can pay off.  His cameras caught someone who is suspected of starting a house fire in his neighborhood.  This abandoned house caught fire not once, but twice in the same day.  The fact that he installed surveillance cameras around his house has provided the only evidence of who perpetrated the crime so far.  See more about this news story

Installing home cameras is a great idea for protection of your home and property in cases of theft and vandalism, but your cameras also may provide evidence of other crimes that happen in your neighborhood.  This can effectively help your entire community become safer.  As the resident says in the news coverage, “…it’s not (about) getting someone in trouble, but protecting my own neighborhood.”

Home security camera systems like our traditional CCTV cameras or high Definition IP cameras can provide you with video evidence of what happens in or around your home.  Systems vary from basic 1 or 2 camera budget systems up to MegaPixel High Definition camera systems delivering HDTV resolutions.  Each of our systems also include support for viewing your home remotely over your existing internet connection from PDA phones like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows phones.  This way, no matter where you are, you can see what is happening at your home in real-time with NO MONTHLY FEEs.

Residents in Dallas Sign Up to Share Security Camera Footage with Police

A growing trend is occuring in cities and towns in the US, police departments asking citizens to sign up to voluntarily register their security cameras and provide video footage when a crime occurs in their neighborhoods.  In the last 2 weeks, Dallas-area towns of Richardson and Sachse are the latest additions to the growing list of towns with similar plans.  Under the plans that we have seen so far, residents are asked to register their security cameras, stating what areas their cameras covered, and whether or not the cameras have night vision, so that when a crime happens in that area where footage may have been captured, the police could ask the residents to review their own cameras and voluntarily supply video if there is footage captured.

Our outdoor home security cameras, like our HD-8210 Model Infrared High Definition MegaPixel IP Cameras can deliver high definition video recording, which can be used to voluntarily provide police with footage if a crime occurs in your neighborhood.

Outdoor Home Security Cameras can be used to help police too

Now in some, this may invoke thoughts of big-brother watching, but rest assured, the police departments do NOT want to have connection to your cameras at all.  They just would like to know on a voluntary basis who has home security or business security cameras, so that if a crime happens, they know who to ask if they have any video.  Reviewing the video voluntarily and providing footage if it exisits is still at the option of the homeowner, so police only see the video that you choose to provide.  Basically it helps police by having a list of people that can be contacted to see if video was captured.

We think that programs like this can be very helpful in providing evidence of what has happened when a crime occurs, and especially since the program is completely voluntary, it does not violate any privacy or compell someone to give evidence that may incriminate themselves.  We would be proud to participate once a program comes to our neighborhood…hint hint Aurora and Naperville, IL.

Protect your Home and Family with Home Security Cameras

Protect your home with our Home Security Camera systems with iPhone, Android and BlackBerry Remote Access

Our Home Security Camera Systems help you protect your home.

Protecting your home and family can be easy with a quality home security camera system.  However, this is a task at Platinum CCTV™ that we do not take lightly.  Each of our home security camera systems is assembled to provide you with the best quality video coverage and remote access features, so that you can always be assured that your family is safe.  Our camera systems range from H.264 Standalone DVR systems to High Definition MegaPixel IP Camera systems that provide HDTV video resolutions.

No matter the price range, each of our systems is hand-selected to provide you with the greatest selection of features and quality, so that you can provide the protection that you need for your home and family.  Our new Home Security Cameras page walks you through the features and helps you select a system that will suit your needs.

Home Security Cameras Go High Definition

Our HD-8210 Outdoor High Definition MegaPixel IP Camera is perfect for home security camera installations

HD-8210 – High Definition Outdoor Home Security Camera

Many high-end business security camera systems over the past few years have featured MegaPixel High Definition IP Security Cameras, providing higher quality and resolution than could ever be achieved with traditional CCTV cameras.  However these cameras have been more expensive than most homeowners could afford, despite wanting the higher quality.

Platinum CCTV™ is proud to offer a full line of affordable MegaPixel High Definition IP Cameras that are affordable enough even for home security camera installations.  These new HD Series IP cameras deliver video quality that is 7-15 times the resolution of any standard CCTV cameras.  This means that each camera can provide the video detail that could be delivered with 7 or more traditional cameras, allowing more facial details, license plate captures with each camera than ever possible before.

HD-8210 Outdoor MegaPixel IP Dome Camera with Infrared Night Vision and 2.0 MegaPixel Video Quality

HD-8210 Outdoor HDTV IP Dome Camera

Our new HD-8210 Platinum CCTV™ Outdoor MegaPixel IP cameras are ideal for most outdoor home security camera installations.  This white colored camera can easily be mounted in the eaves of any home, blending in to its surroundings, while still providing HDTV picture quality.  These cameras, would connect to your network using standard CAT-5 or CAT-6 network cables, and would then be recorded onto a PC or laptop which would become a state of the art home surveillance system that even has HD remote access from an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone 8 over the internet.

These new IP systems provide homeowners with a new, cost-effective solution for recording what happens at their home with resolutions previously reserved only for the most expensive business camera systems.