Alnet Releases Mac CMS Client Software

View Security Cameras on your Mac - High Definition MegaPixel IP Cameras and Traditional CCTV Cameras

View Your Alnet Security Camera System on your Mac

Those with Alnet® PC-Based DVR Cards and Netstation NVR Software have another reason to rejoice today, as Alnet has finally released their first BETA client software for Mac.  This new CMS4 software is a preview of the newest features and sexy user interface that our clients should look forward to seeing when the new NET Professional software is released.  Not only does this software allow you to view your security cameras from anywhere, but it also incorporates many of the features of our Alnet Windows-based CMS software.  This Mac software lets you connect to view multiple cameras and even multiple servers simultaneously, so that you can view multi-locations and multi-franchises at once.

The new sliding menus, and drag and drop interface lets you create and save layouts with ease, using more of the screen for viewing your cameras, and less for menus.  This new layout has been long in the coming, but thankfully does not lose the useful feature of preview mode, which allows you to use your computer for other purposes, while still watching your cameras.  Another new addition to the software was true multi-monitor support, allowing you to send layouts to each connected monitor at will, or use a single monitor for a live view and another for playback if desired.

Playback has also been revamped, now permitting playback from multiple servers simultaneously.  This new feature lets you sync up video from all different servers at once, so that you can see what is happening at home and office at once, or any other multiple locations.  The slide-away time bar highlights the easy playback that Alnet customers have come to expect, and accommodates both traditional cameras and newer high definition IP cameras as well.

While the software is still in BETA release, we hope that the Alnet software team will add even a few more features in for the final release.  Download the latest Alnet Mac CMS Client software


Can your Vacation Home let you know what’s wrong?

Platinum CCTV Security Camera systems can be used to alert you when something happens, even when you are away via text messages and alerts

Quality Vacation Home Camera Systems can even alert you when something is wrong

A survey of vacation home owners out there…Can your vacation home let you know what is wrong?  If not, then you really need to consider a Platinum CCTV™ brand security camera system.  Each of our H.264 Standalone DVRs and Alnet® PC Based Security camera systems offer not only remote viewing from iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phones, but ALSO can even be connected to a wide range of sensors to let you know what is wrong with your vacation home, even from across the world.

Know what is happening at your vacation home with Platinum CCTV Standalone DVRs and PC Based Vacation Home security camera systems

Platinum CCTV™ Standalone DVRs have Inputs for email and text alerts

With these innovative Platinum CCTV™ Standalone DVRs, you can connect a combination of water/liquid sensors, freeze sensors, motion sensors, beam sensors or door sensors or any other Normally Open or Normally Closed sensor, so that your DVR can be set to email or text you when one of the sensors is activated.  With these sensors in place, your vacation home can warn you when someone is walking up to your door, when the door is opened, when pipes are ready to freeze, or even when a sump pump or sink begins to leak.  With these sensors connected to your Platinum CCTV DVR or PC Based DVR System, you can know what is happening at any time, instead of just finding the damage later.

Find a Platinum CCTV H.264 Standalone DVR or Vacation home camera system or an Alnet PC-Based DVR Card or System, and let your home start telling you what is wrong as it happens.