You Never Know What You Will Catch on Home Security Cameras

Home Security Camera Systems can provide you with great video coverage of what happens outside your home.  These cameras can even provide high def security footage with MegaPixel IP cameras

Home Security Camera Systems Protect More than Just Your Family

No matter where you live, unfortunately bad things can happen right near where you live or where your kids play in the streets.  From cars barreling down the road, to shoot-outs to terrorist activities.  The worth of security cameras has been proven to provide evidence that can help to clean up the streets where you live and where your children play.  The installation of a home security camera system is a great step to help ensure the safety of your family, friends and property.  These cameras can provide a silent witness of exactly what happens around your home.

Most homeowners, when they install home cameras intend to watch their children playing in the yard, or perhaps have recently had a neighbor kid vandalizing their property and just want it to stop, but not many expect their cameras to be used to provide evidence of a rolling shootout down the streets of their residential neighborhood.  However, once the cameras are in place, it is amazing what they actually capture that you never expected to see in your own yard.  A man in Topeka, Kansas caught one such crime, and his surveillance footage is now prominently displayed on the local news because his outside home camera caught 2 SUVs chasing each other down the street shooting at one another while children were playing on his block.  With a little luck and some good police work, these perpetrators will hopefully be removed from the streets.

View your home in High Definition with Platinum CCTV new High Definition MegaPixel IP Cameras.  These cameras provide 1600x1200 resolution video with Infrared night Vision

High Definition HDTV Resolution IP Camera for Home Security

Home Security Cameras come in many sizes, shapes and varieties.  Outdoor home surveillance cameras can be used to see who is coming to the front door of your home, stealing packages from your stoop, taking mail from your box or messing with your cars parked in your driveway.  These cameras are an extremely important part of a good home security plan, because they provide you with an instantaneous view of what is happening outside your home, so that you can know before you open the door who is knocking.  Outdoor cameras are also likely to capture video evidence if crimes are happening in your neighborhood, a view of the street might deliver the make and model of a perpetrator’s vehicle, or perhaps a view of who was walking up and down the streets casing out for a burglary.  Indoor security cameras for the home can also be integrated into a home security camera system, providing you with a clear view of what happens inside you home, and are very popular for monitoring children playing, babysitters while you are out to dinner, nannies who are in your home during the daytime, maids as they clean up (or out) your home and much more.  These cameras can record side by side with outdoor security cameras for a complete home security system.

The newest technology security cameras for home are high-definition megapixel IP cameras.  These cameras deliver High Definition Video quality, which means that you can zoom in on the live and pre-recorded footage to get a clearer image of what is happening around your home.  These cameras connect to your home network with a CAT-5 network cable, streaming the HD video over the network to a computer running an NVR software, which records from the cameras and provides remote access to user’s laptop, tablet, iPhone, iPad or Android devices.  These high-definition cameras should definitely be a consideration for new home security camera installations, dependent on budget.


Protect your Home and Family with Home Security Cameras

Protect your home with our Home Security Camera systems with iPhone, Android and BlackBerry Remote Access

Our Home Security Camera Systems help you protect your home.

Protecting your home and family can be easy with a quality home security camera system.  However, this is a task at Platinum CCTV™ that we do not take lightly.  Each of our home security camera systems is assembled to provide you with the best quality video coverage and remote access features, so that you can always be assured that your family is safe.  Our camera systems range from H.264 Standalone DVR systems to High Definition MegaPixel IP Camera systems that provide HDTV video resolutions.

No matter the price range, each of our systems is hand-selected to provide you with the greatest selection of features and quality, so that you can provide the protection that you need for your home and family.  Our new Home Security Cameras page walks you through the features and helps you select a system that will suit your needs.

Atlanta Parks and Recreation Centers to be Watched with Security Cameras

The City of Atlanta is poised to install over $1 Million in security cameras in city parks and recreation centers in a response, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, to vandalism and thefts that have occurred in these areas.  The new security cameras, spread out over the next 3 years, would be set in place to allow police a more rapid response to these facilities.

Security cameras, especially systems with internet remote viewing that can be tied into police stations, can provide police with greater information and decreased response times, by delivering real-time information on what is happening as it happens.  Security cameras have already been used in some of the city’s recreation centers, to catch would-be thieves by employees that were watching the cameras and could call the police.

High Definition IP Cameras like our HD-8210 Model provide high quality video recording for outdoor business, home and even city use

High Definition Outdoor MegaPixel IP Cameras for crisp video

There is no surprise that security cameras are becoming more prevalent in cities, parks and other city facilities.  The rampant rise of theft, vandalism and unfortunately violence including shootings in many cities has dictated the need for increased security at schools, parks and recreation centers across the country.  Security cameras like our High Definition MegaPixel IP Cameras are a clear choice in these areas, because they connect to the network or internet, and provide high-definition video recording (7-15 times the resolution of traditional CCTV Cameras).  These high-definition camera systems are even affordable enough for small business camera installations.  So you don’t need the budget of a large city to provide high-definition video security to protect yourself and your business.