Android Security Camera Features – Standalone DVR

Our H264 Standalone DVRs have great multi-camera remote viewing capabilities for home and business security cameras

Our new Real Time Standalone DVRs favorite features: Android Remote Access

Our new Real Time H.264 Standalone DVRs are a very popular way to increase the security of your home or business.  These DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) record from traditional CCTV cameras onto an internal hard drive digitally with motion detection.  With advanced motion detection capabilities, built in DDNS support (doesn’t require a static IP address like most DVRs), Real Time 30fps per camera recording at full D1 resolution, alarm sensor integration (water sensors, fire sensors, freeze sensors, etc), included Free remote internet setup and much more, it is almost surprising that the most popular feature hasn’t even been listed yet.  Our DVR-88xxRT series Standalone DVRs’ most popular feature is actually the Android remote security camera viewing and iPhone viewing.

These feature-rich H.264 Standalone DVRs deliver great quality remote viewing from Android PDA phones and Tablets as shown in the video below.


Atlanta Parks and Recreation Centers to be Watched with Security Cameras

The City of Atlanta is poised to install over $1 Million in security cameras in city parks and recreation centers in a response, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, to vandalism and thefts that have occurred in these areas.  The new security cameras, spread out over the next 3 years, would be set in place to allow police a more rapid response to these facilities.

Security cameras, especially systems with internet remote viewing that can be tied into police stations, can provide police with greater information and decreased response times, by delivering real-time information on what is happening as it happens.  Security cameras have already been used in some of the city’s recreation centers, to catch would-be thieves by employees that were watching the cameras and could call the police.

High Definition IP Cameras like our HD-8210 Model provide high quality video recording for outdoor business, home and even city use

High Definition Outdoor MegaPixel IP Cameras for crisp video

There is no surprise that security cameras are becoming more prevalent in cities, parks and other city facilities.  The rampant rise of theft, vandalism and unfortunately violence including shootings in many cities has dictated the need for increased security at schools, parks and recreation centers across the country.  Security cameras like our High Definition MegaPixel IP Cameras are a clear choice in these areas, because they connect to the network or internet, and provide high-definition video recording (7-15 times the resolution of traditional CCTV Cameras).  These high-definition camera systems are even affordable enough for small business camera installations.  So you don’t need the budget of a large city to provide high-definition video security to protect yourself and your business.

Restaurant Security Cameras Made Easy

Security Cameras are a great addition to any restaurant.  These cameras can help you watch what happens at your home or business, so that you can view your cameras from anywhere.

Restaurant Security Cameras help your business succeed

Restaurant owners can benefit from security cameras like many other businesses. When it comes to restaurants there are many things that can take up your time attention and money. But few are as detrimental to your business as employee theft, loss of product, and reduced productivity of employees. All of these problems are prevalent in restaurants no matter if the restaurant is fast food or fine dining. The truth is that business owners can’t be there 100% of the time, so when you’re not there who is watching your employees and money? Often it is a manager, and often in restaurant environments the managers are not as well-trained as they could be, leaving them often to try to be “chummy” with the employees, so they would be considered a good boss. In other instances managers may actually be the one stealing from the restaurant.

With so many things detracting from your profitable restaurant, as an owner you need to watch out for your bottom line yourself. One way that many restaurant owners will use to try to keep an eye on their restaurant and employees and keep the honest employees honest, is the installation of remote monitored security cameras. These security camera systems not only will record what happens in your restaurant when you’re away, but will also allow you to stay in touch with your restaurant even while you’re on the go. This means when you get a call at midnight from your manager, you can look in on the restaurant yourself to try to further assess exactly what is happening, allowing you to make the best call by having more information. Security camera systems like our Standalone DVR systems will plug into the Internet connection at the restaurant and allow you to watch the cameras live in real time from your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

Connect into your restaurant security cameras to see what is happening in your kitchen at anytime.

Now checking in on your staff and kitchen couldn’t be easier

While many restaurant owners may be hesitant to install security cameras wondering what their employees may think, the truth exists that the security cameras are just a tool. the way you use the security cameras will determine how they are perceived by your employees. if you are the type of owner was hovering over the backs of your employees micromanaging , than the security cameras will probably be used to micromanage as well. However if you are not a manager that micromanagers, than the security cameras will be used like any other tool for collecting information.

Our Standalone DVR security camera systems, are very easy to install in your restaurant. each system comes with a Standalone DVR, indoor and/or outdoor cameras, power adapters and plug and play power/video cables to connect your cameras to the DVR.  Our systems also include professional remote setup of your internet connection to get the cameras set up for you so that you can view your security cameras over the internet without having to be an internet or network professional.  Our technicians will help you with all of the difficult network setup, so that all you have to do is plug in the cameras.  We will even connect into your home computer to setup software to connect into your restaurant.

The advantages of Platinum CCTV™ security camera systems are clear.  We deliver high quality security camera systems, with real-time video recording in full resolution, coupled with technical support that can setup the software for you free of charge, which will allow you to make the most out of your security camera system.