40K in Equipment Stolen from El Cajon Store – Caught on Security Cameras

As a business owner, you try to do your best to make a living, do right by your customers and help your employees make a living as well.  Unfortunately, not everyone is so noble in their motives and actions.  This was brought to light for one stereo store owner in El Cajon, CA.  In broad daylight on 8-22-13, thieves broke into his store, disabling the alarm system and proceeding to steal over $40,000 in stereo equipment.  These thieves were so relaxed, that one of them even stopped to drink a glass of water at one point on the video.

This business owner is now offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the capture of these thieves.  More information


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Security Cameras on Android Phones – Alnet PC Based DVRs

PC Based Alnet DVR Systems with Android Security Camera Viewing

Alnet PC Based DVR and NVR Systems with Android Viewing

Alnet® PC-Based DVR and NVR systems are a popular choice for home and business security camera installations.  These PC-Based security camera solutions come in several varieties to suit installations of all different types.  Traditional CCTV security cameras require a DVR Card, which installs into a PC to provide inputs for the cameras.  Once the cameras are plugged into the computer, the video streams are then recorded onto the PC’s hard drive.  The other variety of PC-Based security camera system with Alnet® software is the Netstation NVR systems.  These systems use the Alnet® Netstation™ NVR software, which is the same software used by the traditional CCTV systems, but it does not require a DVR Card to be installed.  This software is used with High Definition MegaPixel IP Cameras, allowing you to record in High Def onto the PC Hard Drive.

Both systems use the same software, so they include the same list of features, ranging from great motion detection recording capabilities and email/text alerts, home automation system integration, multi-monitor support, fast-access preview mode playback, Mac and PC support, iPhone/Android/BlackBerry support and more.

As shown in the video above, our Alnet PC-Based DVR and NVR systems deliver the best features for remote viewing on Android Phones and Tablets.  With the Alnet CMS Mobile software on an Android Device, you can view live security cameras, watch multiple cameras at once, view cameras from multiple servers, control home automation devices, view alarm inputs and even playback video right on your PDA phone.  This type of system delivers better access than traditional Standalone DVRs.  Find out more about Android Security Camera Systems and find a system for your home or business

Android Security Camera Features – Standalone DVR

Our H264 Standalone DVRs have great multi-camera remote viewing capabilities for home and business security cameras

Our new Real Time Standalone DVRs favorite features: Android Remote Access

Our new Real Time H.264 Standalone DVRs are a very popular way to increase the security of your home or business.  These DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) record from traditional CCTV cameras onto an internal hard drive digitally with motion detection.  With advanced motion detection capabilities, built in DDNS support (doesn’t require a static IP address like most DVRs), Real Time 30fps per camera recording at full D1 resolution, alarm sensor integration (water sensors, fire sensors, freeze sensors, etc), included Free remote internet setup and much more, it is almost surprising that the most popular feature hasn’t even been listed yet.  Our DVR-88xxRT series Standalone DVRs’ most popular feature is actually the Android remote security camera viewing and iPhone viewing.

These feature-rich H.264 Standalone DVRs deliver great quality remote viewing from Android PDA phones and Tablets as shown in the video below.

Alnet Releases Mac CMS Client Software

View Security Cameras on your Mac - High Definition MegaPixel IP Cameras and Traditional CCTV Cameras

View Your Alnet Security Camera System on your Mac

Those with Alnet® PC-Based DVR Cards and Netstation NVR Software have another reason to rejoice today, as Alnet has finally released their first BETA client software for Mac.  This new CMS4 software is a preview of the newest features and sexy user interface that our clients should look forward to seeing when the new NET Professional software is released.  Not only does this software allow you to view your security cameras from anywhere, but it also incorporates many of the features of our Alnet Windows-based CMS software.  This Mac software lets you connect to view multiple cameras and even multiple servers simultaneously, so that you can view multi-locations and multi-franchises at once.

The new sliding menus, and drag and drop interface lets you create and save layouts with ease, using more of the screen for viewing your cameras, and less for menus.  This new layout has been long in the coming, but thankfully does not lose the useful feature of preview mode, which allows you to use your computer for other purposes, while still watching your cameras.  Another new addition to the software was true multi-monitor support, allowing you to send layouts to each connected monitor at will, or use a single monitor for a live view and another for playback if desired.

Playback has also been revamped, now permitting playback from multiple servers simultaneously.  This new feature lets you sync up video from all different servers at once, so that you can see what is happening at home and office at once, or any other multiple locations.  The slide-away time bar highlights the easy playback that Alnet customers have come to expect, and accommodates both traditional cameras and newer high definition IP cameras as well.

While the software is still in BETA release, we hope that the Alnet software team will add even a few more features in for the final release.  Download the latest Alnet Mac CMS Client software

Australian Burger Bandit Caught by Security Camera Footage

This brazen burger chief thief was captured by officials after breaking into the locally-owned restaurant. Key information was obtained from the security video, including images of the individual, and information about what surfaces he touched, which helped police capture the thief quickly.

This thief apparently needed the money so bad, that he even emptied the change plate on the counter after he found that the register was empty.  The city of Mount Isa, where the burger joint was located has been discussing implementing a city-wide surveillance to help deter from the frequent theft and vandalism of businesses.

See more of what happens with HDTV MegaPixel IP Cameras

HD IP Cameras provide even higher video quality

   Business Security Camera Systems are great to help deliver needed video footage like the images above, which can help to ensure that perpetrators are captured, as well as hopefully minimize losses by deterring theft from occurring in the first place.  Restaurants can be especially targeted for theft because of the high volume of cash transactions, so security cameras are highly recommended.  Available cameras range from traditional CCTV cameras to high definition MegaPixel IP Cameras, the former provide video quality much like the footage above, the latter high definition IP cameras delivering 7-25 times the resolution video, so that you can even zoom in after the fact and get better distinguishing characteristics so that you can more easily identify individuals to bring them to justice.

Man Caught Close-Up Burglarizing San Antonio Store


San Antonio Burglar Caught on Tape

This perpetrator was caught close-up on tape when he burglarized a store in San Antonio

A San Antonio businessman expanded his popular store in south San Atonio, Texas by opening a second location in East San Antonio.  Unfortunately, shortly after opening, the store was burglarized by at least one perpetrator.  When Tiger Marshal, the store proprietor opened the store, he quickly found that the burglar alarm had been disabled, the cash register had been emptied of $3000 and $80,000 of merchandise had been stolen.  Review of his security cameras revealed clear footage of the perpetrator in action.  He had broken into the store shortly after closing, vandalizing, destroying and ransacking the contents.  Though the perpetrator is still at large, he will probably have a hard time staying hidden with these face shots.

It is sad, but no business is safe from this type of illegal activity or losses.  Burglar alarms are great, but if they can be disabled from outside the building, then police are never called, and they can take their time cleaning out the store, like in this case.  Business security camera systems can help provide evidence when something happens.  Systems with remote viewing capabilities can even allow business owners to watch their business from home, so that if they get the dreaded call from the alarm company, they can quickly and easily check to see if it is a real or false alarm.  Help protect your business, keep it safe, and provide evidence to police when something occurs.  Find a Business Security Camera System to protect your business



View Multiple Security Cameras at Once from Android Phones and Tablets

Our newest technology Standalone DVRs now offer enhanced remote viewing from Android PDA phones and Tablets.  These new H.264 Standalone recorders feature real-time video and audio recording, and now have a free app to allow you to view all of your cameras at once from your android phone or tablet.  This remote viewing even allows multi-camera views and the ability to watch some cameras from each location at the same time.

Whether your security cameras are for home or office use, these new DVRs will offer the ideal remote viewing capabilities for your needs.

New Law in Illinois Requires Metal Recyclers to Take Photos or Videos

According to Fox News Chicago – On Jan 1st a new law goes into effect that requires all recyclers to take photos or video of all sellers of scrap metal and the metal that they are selling, and to keep that video or those photos on file for up to 3 years.   This new law also increases the penalties on recyclers who take in stolen goods.  While these new requirements do make it more difficult on metal recyclers, they are making it more difficult for individual that we have heard so much about stealing wire out of houses, copper awnings, air conditioners or even catylitic convertors out of vehicles to actually profit from their ill-gotten metals.

While this purpose is slightly different than most security camera installations, scrap recyclers would definitely benefit from security cameras for this application.  Newer security camera systems like High Definition MegaPixel IP cameras can provide HD resolution video which can be archived and saved for extended periods of time.  This HD quality video will allow you to clearly show the characteristics of the person making the sale of metal, and the item that they are selling, helping you to alleviate the possibility of prosecution against you, the metal recycler.  It is a sad day when you cannot trust people who are bringing you metal to actually own what they are selling, but unfortunately, if you do simply trust them, you are now the ones breaking the law.

There are many security camera systems available on the market today, but the difference between a useless camera system and a system that will fulfil your needs is how easy it is to backup the video from the system to catalog and save it.  Traditional Standalone DVR systems using a standalone DVR recorder and traditional CCTV cameras would not be the best choice for this application due to the low video quality and relative difficulty in exporting that quantity of video for permanent storage.  In the even that you need to store snapshots or video for extended timeframes, security camera systems with a more robust interface and easy backup of snapshots or video, like Alnet PC based Systems would be recommended.  The video below will demonstrate how easy it is to find video on an Alnet brand PC-Based DVR or NVR System.

Our HD-8210 HDTV Resolution IP Cameras deliver high definition video quality for metal recyclers

HDTV Resolution IP Cameras provide greater details

For optimum video quality, which can deliver great video or snapshots of the seller’s face, as well as the metal they are selling, a High Definition Resolution MegaPixel IP Camera is highly recommended.  These cameras deliver 7-25 times the resolution of a standard definition camera, so with an outdoor HD camera, you can even capture license plates of the individual as they pull into your facility.  The idea is to provide as much evidence as possible, that way if something does end up being stolen, when the police come to you, you will be able to provide them with enough evidence so they will be able to catch the real perpetrator, so that they will not try to pursue you for something that you had nothing to do with.

At Platinum CCTV, we understand video surveillance recording and can help design a camera system solution that will help protect your recycling business with high quality HDTV resolution IP cameras, or traditional security cameras.  Call us at 866-537-5438 to get a quote on a quality security camera system to help you satisfy the new Illinois law requirements today.

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