Security Cameras in Boston Help Catch Perpetrators

The security camera system located at the Lord & Taylor in Boston may have proved to be the best evidence yet in finding out who has perpetrated the bombing of the Boston Marathon.  As we are all still catching our breath from the devastation, loss of lives and irreparable damage that is caused by such a senseless act of violence, the Federal, State and Local authorities are combing through hours of security camera footage from businesses in the Boston area, to try to provide evidence of who caused the devastation.  Today Boston Globe reported that authorities have identified a suspect carrying and perhaps even dropping a black bag at the second bombing scene.  While an arrest has reportedly not yet been made, it is clear that the joint effort of all law enforcement officials is beginning to uncover evidence that will hopefully lead to a rapid arrest of the suspects.

Security cameras are becoming more important in today’s world, not only to help protect your business from theft or vandalism, but also to help provide evidence when the unthinkable occurs in your neighborhood.  Our thoughts and prayers go to all of the innocent victims and families that have been affected by this tragedy.


Madison Wisconsin Predator Caught Because of Security Camera Footage

Security cameras placed at a hotel helped capture this suspected predator

Security footage helped capture this alleged predator

Security cameras prevail again, as a Madison, Wi individual was caught because the apartment complex he decided to victimize was covered by security cameras.  The man had entered an apartment complex in Madison, and entered the unlocked rooms of several women.  One 18-year old resident awoke to find him in her bed, but she was not harmed and ordered him out.  Another woman was accosted on an elevator and touched inappropriately by the intruder.  A third woman realized later that money had been taken from her wallet.  Stephen Burton was arrested two days later on 4-9-13, largely due to the footage from the surveillance cameras that were installed in the appartment complex.

Australian Burger Bandit Caught by Security Camera Footage

This brazen burger chief thief was captured by officials after breaking into the locally-owned restaurant. Key information was obtained from the security video, including images of the individual, and information about what surfaces he touched, which helped police capture the thief quickly.

This thief apparently needed the money so bad, that he even emptied the change plate on the counter after he found that the register was empty.  The city of Mount Isa, where the burger joint was located has been discussing implementing a city-wide surveillance to help deter from the frequent theft and vandalism of businesses.

See more of what happens with HDTV MegaPixel IP Cameras

HD IP Cameras provide even higher video quality

   Business Security Camera Systems are great to help deliver needed video footage like the images above, which can help to ensure that perpetrators are captured, as well as hopefully minimize losses by deterring theft from occurring in the first place.  Restaurants can be especially targeted for theft because of the high volume of cash transactions, so security cameras are highly recommended.  Available cameras range from traditional CCTV cameras to high definition MegaPixel IP Cameras, the former provide video quality much like the footage above, the latter high definition IP cameras delivering 7-25 times the resolution video, so that you can even zoom in after the fact and get better distinguishing characteristics so that you can more easily identify individuals to bring them to justice.

Chicago Novelty Shop Owner Fights Off Burglars with a Baseball Bat


Chicago store owner fights off burglars with a baseball bat, even after being shot.  The entire scene was caught on video from his business security cameras.

Even after being shot, Luis Quizhpe fought off the gunmen with a bat.

Luis Quizhpe owns a novelty shop in Chicago.  It wasn’t his first time being burglarized, but he reportedly heard one of the perpetrators say “kill them”, so he decided he was going to ‘go down swinging’.   He grabbed a baseball bat, and kept fighting off his attackers, making it less trouble for them to leave, which they did.  His family is certainly glad he fought back, because even though more than 10 shots rang out, only one of them landed, wounding his leg.  His family is thrilled to have him recovering in the hospital.  The entire episode was caught on his business security camera system.

Luis, we salut you and wish you a speedy recovery.
Come see us for a free HD IP Camera when you are recovered.

Man Caught Close-Up Burglarizing San Antonio Store


San Antonio Burglar Caught on Tape

This perpetrator was caught close-up on tape when he burglarized a store in San Antonio

A San Antonio businessman expanded his popular store in south San Atonio, Texas by opening a second location in East San Antonio.  Unfortunately, shortly after opening, the store was burglarized by at least one perpetrator.  When Tiger Marshal, the store proprietor opened the store, he quickly found that the burglar alarm had been disabled, the cash register had been emptied of $3000 and $80,000 of merchandise had been stolen.  Review of his security cameras revealed clear footage of the perpetrator in action.  He had broken into the store shortly after closing, vandalizing, destroying and ransacking the contents.  Though the perpetrator is still at large, he will probably have a hard time staying hidden with these face shots.

It is sad, but no business is safe from this type of illegal activity or losses.  Burglar alarms are great, but if they can be disabled from outside the building, then police are never called, and they can take their time cleaning out the store, like in this case.  Business security camera systems can help provide evidence when something happens.  Systems with remote viewing capabilities can even allow business owners to watch their business from home, so that if they get the dreaded call from the alarm company, they can quickly and easily check to see if it is a real or false alarm.  Help protect your business, keep it safe, and provide evidence to police when something occurs.  Find a Business Security Camera System to protect your business



Standalone DVR systems help Home and Business Owners

It doesn’t take more than a few minutes perusing the news to find multiple mentions of security cameras these days.  It seems that security camera systems are popping up everywhere as homeowners and business owners alike are deciding that they have had enough of the vandalism, theft, violence or other disturbances, and are doing everything they can to protect their own homes and families legally.  Security camera systems offer great additions to virtually any home or business, with many shapes, sizes and qualities of cameras available to satisfy even the most demanding aesthetics.

The Standalone DVR or H.264 Standalone DVR system will determine the features of yoru home or business security camera system

The Standalone DVR will determine features and remote access capabilities of your system

Both home and business owners often find Standalone DVRs and DVR systems to be a popular selection when it comes to improved security.  These systems are composed of an H.264 Standalone DVR, which is the brains and storage for the camera system, and any style of cameras that are selected.  Unlike PC Based systems, Standalone DVRs and Systems do not require a PC to be running on site for record to occur, as the DVR is a self-contained recorder (about the size of a DVD player).  The initial focus of any home or business owner should be on the DVR, as this component has the greatest impact over the functionality, quality and frame rate (read smoothness) of the video.  Many discount Standalone DVRs employ cheaper chipsets, which deliver lower quality video and oft lower frame rate (choppy video due to missing frames).  A quality DVR will have Full D1 Resolution with Real-Time video frame rate (30 fps per camera).  However, the quality of a DVR does not end there.  As the brains of the system, selection will also determine the remote viewing capabilities of the system.  Choose wisely, as normally the access level that exists when you purchase the system will not change later, as standalone devices rarely have feature enhancements or improvements.  Many DVRs, like our DVR-8804RT, DVR-8808RT and DVR-8816RT H.264 Standalone DVRs provide industry-leading remote access capabilities, with access from IE, Windows PC/Laptops, Macs, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phones and more.  These features will allow you to always stay connected with the cameras while away from your home or office, so should definitely be taken into consideration when making a selection.

Think You Don’t Need Home Security Cameras?

Security cameras have many uses, but some you may never have dreamed of.

Think you don’t need security cameras? Think again.

Many people might think that they do not need security cameras, because “nothing happens in my neighborhood” or “I have a dog” or one of a hundred other things to justify to themselves that security cameras aren’t needed.  We really wish this was true, but unfortunately in our world today it is not.  Security cameras can provide us not only with deterrent and coverage of what happens when we aren’t at home, but sometimes help explain even more sinister events like the tale that follows.

In Las Cruces, NM, a man is now in custody because a family discovered that their German shepherd had what appeared to be ‘shrapnel’ lodged in the dog’s chest.  Review of their security cameras showed them the unthinkable.  Their home cameras showed their 50-year-old neighbor shooting their dog at close range.  The cameras were installed, because they suspected that their other German shepherd was poisoned.  Their neighbor, of course claimed that he had no knowledge of what happened to their other dog.

Install home security cameras, and you never know what mysteries you might solve, or unthinkable evil that you might prove.


Family Burglarized for 5th Time Catches Criminals on Camera

Wide video home security cameras are a great choice to show you What happens on your property, but are not always the best at delivering distinguishing characteristics to show the WHO.

Wide View Cameras show “What” happens

A family just outside Dallas in Garland, Texas has been victimized 5 times by burglars and theives.  Two of these occurences have reportedly happened within a two week span.  Joe Thompson, the homeowner, states that “this is really an indication of the times (we live in)”.  Unfortunately, he is right.  many people are victimized by thieves and burglars every day.

After previous burglaries, Joe and his family installed security cameras to help provide evidence if it were to happen again.  Luckily, this time, they did catch video of the individuals on their home security cameras, and are asking everyone to take a close look at the video (full video and newscast found here), and please call authorities if you recognize the individuals.  This latest theft has robbed them of thousands of dollars in tools, at a time when families cannot afford that type of loss.

When planning your home security camera system, we recommend using wideangle cameras like the one shown in this video to provide an overview of what happens on your property.  This gives you the “What” happened.  Then we recommend 1 or 2 cameras in key areas that are zoomed in to provide a better facial recognition of persons, so that you can see the “Who” and provide optimum evidence to police to help facilitate identification and hopefully capture of perpetrators.

View what happens at your home with enough clarity to see WHO is doing it with our New High Definition IP cameras

High Definition MegaPixel IP Cameras show the “Who” and the “What” at once

Our newest option for home security, is our High Definition MegaPixel IP cameras, which provide higher quality video feeds than traditional security cameras (up to 25 times the resolution of Traditional CCTV cameras), allowing you to see the “Who” and “What” together with a single camera in many instances.  These new HD cameras allow homeowners to have greater coverage with even fewer cameras than traditional CCTV cameras.

Home Security Cameras Prove Useful Again

Home Security Cameras, like our CD-5261 Outdoor Infrared Bullet camera help protect your home and neighborhood by providing a silent witness to everything that happens around your home.

Home Security cameras help protect your neighborhood

A forward-thinking resident who installed home security cameras has shown how they can pay off.  His cameras caught someone who is suspected of starting a house fire in his neighborhood.  This abandoned house caught fire not once, but twice in the same day.  The fact that he installed surveillance cameras around his house has provided the only evidence of who perpetrated the crime so far.  See more about this news story

Installing home cameras is a great idea for protection of your home and property in cases of theft and vandalism, but your cameras also may provide evidence of other crimes that happen in your neighborhood.  This can effectively help your entire community become safer.  As the resident says in the news coverage, “…it’s not (about) getting someone in trouble, but protecting my own neighborhood.”

Home security camera systems like our traditional CCTV cameras or high Definition IP cameras can provide you with video evidence of what happens in or around your home.  Systems vary from basic 1 or 2 camera budget systems up to MegaPixel High Definition camera systems delivering HDTV resolutions.  Each of our systems also include support for viewing your home remotely over your existing internet connection from PDA phones like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows phones.  This way, no matter where you are, you can see what is happening at your home in real-time with NO MONTHLY FEEs.

Suburban Woman abducted and caught on Surveillance Video

Three men kidnapped a woman from suburban Frankfort, IL at gunpoint and then decided to go on a shopping spree with her credit cards.  While the suspects didn’t harm her and actually treated her ‘politely’, they are armed and still on the large.  Police are asking that everyone look at the video footage to help identify these dangerous persons.

Police call this 'Remarkably High-Definition' video...we call it average footage.  Try out Real-HD cameras at our showroom in Naperville, IL

Frankfort Kidnappers caught on what police call High-Definition Cameras at a Wal-Mart

They reportedly drove her to a Bank of America ATM to withdraw cash from her account, then they let her go unharmed.  Then a few hours later, they used her credit card at a local WalMart, where the surveillance cameras caught them entering and leaving.  If you recognize any of the people in the video, please contact the Frankfort police department.