Home Security Cameras are Here to Stay

Home Security Camera Systems have become popular, but watch out...all systems are not created equal!

Home Security Cameras Systems have become popular

Home security cameras have been growing in the market over the last 10 years.  Trust us, we have been around to see it.  Now it seems like everyone is trying to get into the home security game, and offering cameras and camera systems for homeowners.  Even Wal-Mart and Home Depot have started selling some very rudimentary models.  It is really great to see our industry exploding because of the need for these valuable devices and systems, but at the same time it can be more than a little confusing for customers who are looking for protection at their home.  Where do they turn? What equipment is right?

When it comes down to selecting a home security camera system for your home, there is never a one-size-fits-all approach.  Every home is different and every situation is different.  That is why selection is key.  A professional in the home security market will have options for every budget range, providing various features and functions from which to choose.  Next is education.  Your Home Security camera provider must be able to provide you with an education on what features you really will need, want and use.  Every system is not created equal, which is why not only having a wide selection, but also having a knowledgable professional is important.  Your home security cameras need to work for YOU and YOUR HOME.  Otherwise there is no point to the system.

For years, we have had customers come in after purchasing an off-the shelf home security camera system, only to find out that no one will install the cameras, no one will support the cameras and the cameras don’t perform the function that was intended.  Now this is becoming even more commonplace, with more retail vendors pushing more off-the-shelf one-size-fits-all solutions.  Seek out a professional, and visit their showroom to see the selection of cameras before making a choice.  It isn’t that more expensive is better, it is that an educated decision is better!


Alnet Releases Mac CMS Client Software

View Security Cameras on your Mac - High Definition MegaPixel IP Cameras and Traditional CCTV Cameras

View Your Alnet Security Camera System on your Mac

Those with Alnet® PC-Based DVR Cards and Netstation NVR Software have another reason to rejoice today, as Alnet has finally released their first BETA client software for Mac.  This new CMS4 software is a preview of the newest features and sexy user interface that our clients should look forward to seeing when the new NET Professional software is released.  Not only does this software allow you to view your security cameras from anywhere, but it also incorporates many of the features of our Alnet Windows-based CMS software.  This Mac software lets you connect to view multiple cameras and even multiple servers simultaneously, so that you can view multi-locations and multi-franchises at once.

The new sliding menus, and drag and drop interface lets you create and save layouts with ease, using more of the screen for viewing your cameras, and less for menus.  This new layout has been long in the coming, but thankfully does not lose the useful feature of preview mode, which allows you to use your computer for other purposes, while still watching your cameras.  Another new addition to the software was true multi-monitor support, allowing you to send layouts to each connected monitor at will, or use a single monitor for a live view and another for playback if desired.

Playback has also been revamped, now permitting playback from multiple servers simultaneously.  This new feature lets you sync up video from all different servers at once, so that you can see what is happening at home and office at once, or any other multiple locations.  The slide-away time bar highlights the easy playback that Alnet customers have come to expect, and accommodates both traditional cameras and newer high definition IP cameras as well.

While the software is still in BETA release, we hope that the Alnet software team will add even a few more features in for the final release.  Download the latest Alnet Mac CMS Client software

Security begins with the Simple Stuff

Security of your Home starts wiht your control

Home security really starts with small details in your control

Security of your home starts with the simple things. All the technology in the world cannot help you if you overlook the basics. Start by making sure that you are in the habit of locking all of your doors. I know, I know…no one ever has a problem in your neighborhood. We hear that all the time, followed by statements of what just happened to “so and so” who just got their house broken into. It really doesn’t matter where you live, the truth is that you need to be looking after the security of your home.

This starts with locking doors.  Not just when you are going on vacation, but ALWAYS.  Doors really need to be locked even if you just walked through them.  An unlocked door is an invitation to trouble, and one does not have to look much further than the evening news to find examples of what can happen when doors are unlocked.  The argument of ‘nothing ever happens around here’, ‘we have a quiet neighborhood’ or ‘people respect each other’s boundaries around here’ do not hold up worth a spit.  These are always the same comments that are made by people when they state how shocked they are that this happened in their neighborhood.  A locked door may not be impenetrable, but it will at least deter those who might try and just walk in.  If you are walking away from a door after entering, that door should be locked.

Vehicles sitting in your driveway can be sitting ducks, leaving a garage door opener in an unlocked car is no better than having a door with the key inside it.  If a thief gains access to the garage, there are often ways to enter the house without ever being seen.  Make sure that doors from the garage to the house remain locked, but also lock up any vehicles that are sitting in the driveway and conceal the garage door opener so that it is not in plain view.

Sliding doors usually have very flimsy locks, there are many solutions to help secure these doors better, but something as simple as a wooden dowel or rod cut to the right length to set in the track can help increase the security of your sliding door dramatically.  Once installed, the door will not slide open, even if the lock is overcome or unlocked.  From a local hardware store, bars are available to accomplish the same task but midway up on the door.

Finally, make sure that door locks are not within reach of a window next to the door.  This will give easy access to smashing through a window and easily unlocking the bolt on the door.  If you have windows conveniently placed right next to your bolt lock, then it may be worth exploring options such as a foot pedal lock in the floor or a double-keyed lock to prevent entry even if the window is smashed.

You can never totally prevent access to your home, but the more difficult you make it, the more valuable minutes you gain in an emergency to help you wake up, or give police more time to respond.  Small changes in your thinking can amount to much greater benefit in times of tragedy or potential tragedy.  Spend time thinking about potential threats in advance, so that you and your family can stay safe.

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