Business Security Cameras

Our Platinum CCTV™ Security camera systems for your business can help to reduce theft and vandalism, as well as help you stay in touch with your business while you are away.

Security Cameras can help your business succeed in many ways

Businesses are pushed in all directions at all times.  This is true of just about every business.  In many cases, owners are daily burdened with a decision to keep fighting or just give up and close their doors.  From government regulations to theft, many businesses are plagued with problems that can weigh heavily on you as an owner.

While we cannot help with all your business woes, our business security cameras can provide you with greater information and security for your business, so that you can control the problems which are within your realm of power, such as improving employee productivity and preventing employee theft, customer theft, vandalism and more.  A quality business security camera system can provide you with video coverage that will help you stay connected with your business, no matter what your business type.  We stay in-tune with our customers so that we can provide camera systems and solutions that will support business owners.

The presence of security cameras at your business can help to deter theft and vandalism at your business, because it serves to ‘keep people honest’, because there is always the appearance and reminder that someone could be watching.  These cameras can also provide silent witness of everything that happens in your business while you are away.  Want to be able to leave your business sometimes too?  No problem, each of our Standalone DVR and PC Based DVR or NVR camera systems also have built-in support for all the latest smartphones and PDAs, from iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, BlackBerry or even Windows Phones.

Both Traditional CCTV security cameras and high definition MegaPixel IP Cameras can be used to provide coverage of your business successfully.  It is just a matter of what you want to see, and how many cameras you would like to use.

Comparison of Traditional CCTV cameras and HDTV IP Cameras

Our Security Camera systems and products range from traditional CCTV security cameras to High Definition MegaPixel IP Cameras with high-definition video quality.   Traditional CCTV cameras are popular for lower budget installations, providing good quality video recording (up to 720×480 resolution) and can employ Standalone DVRs or PC Based DVRs.  These systems are popular due to their low-cost and great features.  These traditional security cameras CAN STILL BE USED EFFECTIVELY to provide good coverage in and around your business.  The key to using traditional CCTV cameras effectively in your business, is using appropriate camera placement and lenses to render the optimum picture to deliver the view that you are looking to achieve.  For example, traditional cameras CAN be used to get facial recognition or license plates, when the right camera and lens are used.  High Definition IP Cameras on the other hand have a higher resolution and quality image sensor to deliver much higher resolution (rated in MegaPixels) to deliver more detail of the area being viewed.  With these types of systems, you can often use less cameras with wider angles to provide coverage of your business, because each camera provides 7-25 times the resolution of a traditional security camera.

Convenience Stores/Gas Stations

C-Stores and Gas stations have a lot of cash transactions, so are targeted for theft by both employees and customers alike.

C-Store and Gas Stations need security cameras too

With high volumes of cash transactions, high price but low margin of fuel and large number of high value and small-sized inventory on the shelves, C-stores and Gas Stations have long been a target for amateur and professional thieves alike.  Due to this fact, many of these businesses will use our High Definition MegaPixel IP cameras to provide coverage of the indoor and outdoor areas of the business.  These HD cameras can provide images of license plates, vehicles and faces to provide you with the most information possible for prosecution of the theft when (not if) it occurs.  Our Platinum CCTV™ MegaPixel IP cameras provide 1600×1200 resolution video (7-25 times the resolution of traditional CCTV cameras) and come in indoor and outdoor varieties so that you can provide coverage of parking lots, entrances, gas pumps as product shelves and cash registers.

Aside from the customer theft discussed above, one other great area of loss that many c-store/gas station owners don’t like to consider is employee theft.  Unfortunately, this is one area of great losses for these businesses.  Employees are often in contact with cash and high value product, which makes it very tempting for these individuals to pocket some of the money for themselves.  After all, as far as they can see, you are making a killing on the gas and c-store products, not understanding all of the costs associated.  Security cameras to monitor the employees can help you weed out the bad apples from your staff so that you can stop losing money from theft of cash or goods.

Office Cameras

Businesses that do not have retail or 'cash' can have theft, vandalism and ineffective employees too.  So business security cameras can be used to watch your offices as well.

Offices need cameras too!

Just because your business is in an office building, does not mean that you do not have security concerns.  Office buildings are often targeted for many different types of crime, ranging from expensive vandalism to irate customers to theft of products and information, not to mention employee ‘theft of time’ and decreased productivity.  Each of these areas of concern can cost your business a great deal of profit and make it very difficult to stay in business.  A quality security camera system can help provide owners and managers with more information about staff productivity levels as well as provide security for entrances and exits.

In these environments, cameras can be used to deliver high quality video footage, allowing receptionists and managers to watch the front doors to see who is coming into the business.  This can help to deter and provide evidence when irate customers or disgruntled ex-employees decide to pay your company a visit.  Cameras can also be used to monitor offices, delivering valuable information to management about the productivity of their employees, as well as monitor the movement of expensive office equipment such as computers, monitors, TVs, laptops and more.  With a better eye on customers, employees and equipment, owners and managers of businesses in office buildings can help to deter losses and provide evidence of wrongdoings when something does occur.

Factory/Warehouse Security

Factories and warehouses pose their own security concerns.  In many cases, high value products and raw materials are protected from theft by a thin metal wall or door, coupled with sprawling facilities that are difficult to watch 24/7.  This makes both of these types of businesses a target for many professional thieves.  Many of the largest thefts from businesses have occurred after hours with sometimes millions of dollars in losses for the affected businesses.  Securing these facilities should always include a selection of quality cameras.

Cameras should be placed to cover any vehicle entrance/exit on the property, with cameras being positioned to help capture vehicle data and even license plates.  Most often, the building should have limited vehicular access points, allowing you to use 1 or 2 cameras to cover all vehicles coming into and out of the facility.  Once the vehicular access is covered, and providing the best chance of license plate capture, next it is highly recommended to provide coverage of any access to the building itself, including man doors, overhead doors and other access points.  This can be difficult with larger warehouses with large numbers of docks, so high-definition MegaPixel IP cameras are often recommended.  These HDTV resolution cameras can be used to cover more doors at once, and still provide good characteristics of persons moving through the entries.  Also, product and manufacturing areas should be covered to provide coverage of the expensive raw materials and products that are associated with your daily business operation.  Securing larger facilities can involve complex camera systems with 16-100 cameras, depending on the coverage level desired and the physical access points afforded.

School Cameras

It is no surprise that schools, ranging from public school systems to private schools are extremely security minded.  Browsing through current news stories usually shows several different incidents of violence or security breach at the schools.  As a society, we owe it to the next generation to help keep them safe while they are learning at the school of their choice.  Security cameras, as well as access control techniques are important in delivering this level of security for our children.

High Definition IP cameras have become very popular for school security, by providing high-resolution and quality video coverage of entrances, hallways and even some classrooms.  These HD cameras can be used to better identify parents, students and staff as they enter and exit the building, as well as help on-site police (or in some cases off-site police departments) react to situations and respond to situations that occur with greater speed and information to help prevent future shootings or other security breaches at the schools.

City Buildings

While city buildings might not have many products that are sold, there are still many losses that regularly occur at federal, state or city owned buildings, facilities and parks.  Each of these environments must be considered carefully, depending on the security concerns, assets and personnel involved in the facility.  Security cameras can be used to help control access to buildings, prevent or catch vandals and thieves and more.  For example, this DMV ended up having license plates and stickers stolen from their facility, necessitating the installation of cameras to stop this theft, which may have been occurring for years.  In other news, many parks and recreation facilities that hold after school activities have also been increasing security levels to help reduce theft, vandalism and violence in these areas.

Restaurant Security Cameras

Our High Definition Restaurant Security Camera systems can help provide you with more information about what happens at your restaurant, so that you can make better business decisions.

Restaurants are tough business. Make it easier with Security Cameras

Restaurants and Bars are some of the businesses with the highest failure rate, and there is no surprise.  When you consider the low margins of food products, raising costs of labor, high instance of theft, high rent and the fact that restaurants are probably one of the first businesses affected by downturn in economic activities, it can be very daunting to open or run a restaurant or bar.  The good news is that security cameras can be used for more than just traditional means in these environments to help deliver tools to help your restaurant succeed.

Security cameras can be used in restaurants to watch employees and customers to monitor theft, but one of the better benefits of a quality camera system from Platinum CCTV™, is that you can also use your security cameras to keep informed in changes to patterns and even to monitor customer service levels in your restaurant as defined by response times to tables, determining satisfaction levels and perceived customer responses even to specials, etc.  High quality camera systems range from basic standalone DVR systems to high-definition IP camera systems, each providing various levels of benefits for customers.

Auto Repair Facilities Cameras

When you combine an expensive automobile, with a malfunction and a customer trusting your business to repair it, you have a potentially expensive and difficult bailment situation.  Bailment?  Yes, meaning that a customer is giving you property and expecting to receive it back in the same condition (except for repairs which were made).  This sets up a situation of bailment, where your business can be held responsible for any damages that occur to that vehicle while it is in your possession.  While most of the time, you may not run into problems, a camera system can help provide more information about customers’ vehicles and provide you with evidence of what actually occurred at your facility.  Auto repair facilities also contain valuable tools and equipment that can be quickly and easily stolen and sold for quick cash, making the facility itself a target for theft and destruction of property.

Knowing these separate, but related problems in this industry, our professionals at Platinum CCTV can help you devise a plan to provide a camera system that will suit your budget and provide you with the best possible coverage for your business, helping to prevent theft as well as provide you with better information to make decisions about your business.  Our High Definition Security cameras are popular for entries and exits to bays, providing you with coverage of vehicle condition as it enters and leaves the facility.  This way, if a customer didn’t notice that they had a door ding, scratch or crack on their vehicle before they brought it to you, you will be able to provide iron-clad proof that the damage was present when the customer came in to your facility in the first place.  This might help save you from damages, but also may help salvage a customer that otherwise could have been very upset about your business when they thought you caused the damage.

Car Wash Surveillance Cameras

Car washes also are another business with a very high volume of cash transactions, and high incident of customers thinking that their vehicle was damaged by the car wash itself.  Both of these types of situations can cause damages to your business and make it difficult to conduct business profitably.

You can provide coverage of the entry and exit of a car wash with high-definition MegaPixel IP Cameras, like our new HD-8210 Security cameras, which can help you provide a customer with evidence of the condition of their vehicle prior to entering and after exiting the wash.  Your insurance company will rejoice at this, by helping you and them reduce the amount of false claims, equating to less expense for you every month.  This also can help retain customers, by allowing them to see how serious you are about protecting their valuable vehicle as well.  Beyond coverage of vehicles, you also want to protect your cash, both in outdoor token dispensers, automated ATM like machines and indoor registers.  Each of these areas can be heavily targeted by thieves because of the large volume of cash in these locations.  Adequate video coverage can help to deter theft as well as provide police with the evidence needed for prosecution.

Salon and Spa Cameras

Salons and Spas have often been targeted by thieves for hold-ups because of the high value of cash transactions that occur on a daily basis.  In some cities, there have even been rashes of armed hold-ups that have occurred, akin to bank robberies.  These types of facilities have little security options, as their door is always open for customers, so high quality security cameras can become a highly valuable asset, delivering evidence of what happens and an early warning to employees or management when something is happening in and around your facility.

Security cameras can be employed to also watch your cash register to help reduce or eliminate employee theft, which also seem to be rampant in this type of business as well.  Properly monitoring employees can also lead to improvements in staffing decisions, by changing employee schedules based on workloads and customer demand.  Camera systems like our Standalone DVRs or PC based DVR or NVR systems can provide these capabilities as well as remote viewing from iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or more, so that you can monitor your employees, money and Salon or Day Spa from anywhere in the world.

Bottom Line

At Platinum CCTV™, we don’t just put together a one-size-fits-all security camera system and try to make it fit for any business, we truly try to understand the challenges of your business so that we can help you not only solve the problems that are in front of your face, but also solve problems and deliver added benefits with each system to help your business improve and expand, so that you can succeed and we can feel that we have a little part in that.

Let us be your “Camera Guys”. 

Please call us at (866) 537-5438, or find out more about our innovative professional line of security cameras and systems online


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