Naperville Home Burglaries Drive Homeowners to Security Cameras

The home burglaries in the news in Naperville, IL have many residents worried about the safety of their homes.  There have been more than 25 burglaries, involving thefts of iPad, iPhones, coin collections, and even dragging a heavy safe out of a house.  These robberies have been happening in broad daylight and at night just the same, leaving many residents feeling helpless.

While police are watching neighborhoods closely, using unmarked cars and stepping up patrols, the lack of evidence so far has amounted to no arrests, and leaving Naperville still feeling very helpless.

Our Naperville Security Camera Showroom lets you compare cameras to find a system to suit your home

Compare cameras in our Naperville Showroom

Many residents of Naperville have been coming into our Security Camera showroom to find a camera system that will help them protect their property, provide alerts and to provide them with the ability to provide evidence if someone unsavory is hanging around their house.

Located in the outskirts of Naperville, our Platinum CCTV Security Camera showroom provides residents with the ability to compare cctv camera technologies so they can select the camera system that will work best for their home.  Our cameras range from budget minded cameras at around $30 ea up to High Definition MegaPixel IP Cameras that record in HDTV resolutions.  We even have a full array of WiFi hidden nanny cameras, which can even be used indoors without any wiring.

Secure your home in Naperville the right way.  Both DIY self-install and professionally installed systems are available

Your Family is not pre-packaged, your Security shouldn’t be either

Platinum CCTV
751 Frontenac Rd #157
Naperville, IL 60563


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