Alnet PC Based DVR Cards and NVR Software

PC Based Alnet DVR Systems with Android Security Camera Viewing

Alnet PC Based DVR and NVR Systems with Android Viewing


Alnet PC Based DVR/NVR Systems with Android Remote Viewing

Our Alnet PC Based DVR Systems are most popular for home and business owners, because of the features of the android security camera viewing. These systems will allow you to view live home and business security cameras from Android phones and tablets.

These Alnet security camera systems come in several different varieties:

  1. PC Based DVR Systems with DVR Cards – These systems allow you to connect coaxial style analog cctv cameras to your PC by using an Alnet DVR Card.
  2. High Definition NVR Camera Systems – These systems use an NVR software like our Alnet Netstation NVR Software and High Definition MegaPixel IP Cameras to record in High-Def onto your PC

Both of these systems provide the ability to record from security cameras onto your PC and view the security cameras remotely over the internet from PC, Mac, iPhone and Android phones.

Android Security Camera Viewing

When it comes to viewing security cameras from your Android Phone, our Alnet PC based DVR systems really shine. These security camera systems deliver a full array of features, including live security camera viewing, viewing multiple cameras at once, or even connecting to several DVR servers at once to view some cameras from each server, control of inputs and outputs for home automation, and even playback of recorded video right on your android phone or tablet. Our Alnet security camera systems deliver optimum features and remote viewing android security cameras

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