DVR-8800 Series H.264 Standalone DVR with Android Viewing

Our H264 Standalone DVRs have great multi-camera remote viewing capabilities for home and business security cameras

Our new Real Time Standalone DVRs favorite features: Android Remote Access


Android Security Camera Viewing

Standalone DVR with great internet access

Our new H.264 Standalone DVRs for Home and Business Security cameras have become our most popular DVRs ever. These Standalone DVRs are a cost effective way to provide video coverage of your home or business. These DVRs work with any traditional CCTV security cameras, and record from the cameras onto a hard drive inside the DVR. With Motion Detection recording, these DVRs will record in real time.

The Android Security Camera viewing capabilities rival even PC based DVRs. The software that is included with the DVR lets you watch your security cameras from anywhere in the world. The DVR-8804RT, DVR-8808RT and DVR-8816RT let you view multiple cameras on the screen at once, control PTZ cameras, save snapshots or video onto your Android phone or Android Tablet.

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